Working Together

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Valley Tax Service

Meet the Valley Tax Team

The Valley Tax Team is made up of the Tax Preparation Team and  help from a Legal Team and Accounting Group.

Personal Tax Team

Tax Preparation Team works hard to get all the information from our clients  required to efile their tax return. The more information provided the more opportunities we can investigate.

Business Taxes

Businesses can be efile in a variety of formats. They can efile  simply as a Sole Proprietor, a Limited Liability Company, Corporation. or as a S Corporation, or many differant forms of Partnerships. The Valley Tax Team is ready to assist all types of business filers.


Many times the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) disagrees with the taypayer. When these issues arise the taxpayer needs help putting together all of the information required by IRS for them to accept the taxpayers filing. This  is called Representation and the Valley Tax Team can help.