Business Taxes

Business Taxes

Thing you need to know about Valley Tax Service in 2017.

Valley Tax Service is a proud members of the local Grain Valley (GV)Partnership a business organization formed when the Grain Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Grain Valley Economic Development Corporation mergered into the GV Partnership. This organization of businesses work hard to keep Grain Valley a destination for new business and families.

GV Partnership works hard to make sure citizens and businesses in the community have all of the services they require to be successful.  Valley Tax Service is proud to be able to help our local corporations, both non-profit and for-profit file their annual taxes. Most of our local businesses are various types of partnerships or sole proprietor businesses that we help stay current with their tax filings. We like to help new businesses understand the postive and negatives of the various business entities they can use when forming their business. Selecting the right type of entity for their business can require less documentation and more profit.

We are open all year to help businesses with future tax planning or community service.