Do It Yourself E-Filing

Do It Yourself E-Filing

1040 EZ is Free          State $9.95 per state

1040A only $19.95   State filing $14.95 per state

1040 only $39.95     State filing $19.95 per state

Need more time to file taxes Extensions to file $14.95

Thevsoftware will select the lowest cost forms required for your tax filing. You only pay for the forms that IRS requires.

You have decided to try the "File Your Federal and State Taxes Online".

This is a GREAT Decision and your partners at Valley Tax Service are here to support this learning curve. First thing you need to do is determine the documents you will need to file your return. Go to

Now that you have gathered up all of the documents and information, you will need to determine what your filing status is for the tax return. Go to this inforgraphic for help: 

 You are off to a good start now that you have your documents and you have determined your tax filing status. Lets investigate if you even need to file a retun by going to :

You have determined the documents you will need to file a tax return, figured out your filing status and know you made enough money to file a tax return. Before you go back up to the Big Blue Button to start your tax return maybe you should review the checklist by going to:

                                                             Caution!                                                            Caution!

Failure to file a State Tax Return with your Federal Tax Return will result in the taxpayer getting a letter from the state requesting the return and the state will access penalties. Here is a secret that most taxpayers don't realize, The State uses information from the federal return to figure your state tax obligation. Bottomline, just click the buttom that says file my state returns and pay for the states, even if the Federal is FREE. If you don't add the state you will have to use the Federal return to complete the state return.

Now you are ready to start filing you tax return, so go back up to the Big Blue Box that says "File Your Federal and State Taxes Online "and click on the button that says "Start Your Return Now"

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