Welcome to our website

We are glad you have found our little shop on the World Wide Web. Since you stumbled upon this website that means you may not be familiar with where Grain Valley, Missouri is located. We are about 17 miles to the east of the KC Chiefs and KC Royals stadium complex.

So far you know we do tax preparation, also the team is involved in the community. Our community has grown since year  2000 from about 1900 residents to over 14,000 currently. This growth has made the school system expand with additional elementry  and middle schools. Our high school has been constructing new additions for the last several years.

We still do a lot of small town events in the shadows of the Kansas City metro, like a Valley Fair Days, a Christmas Village in the local park, Thank You Baskets to the Senior Citizens and Backpacks to the school children. Hallmark will never do a movie here, but they could cast the movie with a lot of our wonderful citizens.

Our team figures if we are going to help people efile their taxes why not do it in Grain Valley.

Check out our Blog for more about our town and services.